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The work of fashion school in Sydney is not only to issue degrees to its students and the team at Orana keeping this in mind has a Creative branch which helps students in getting the job of their dreams with creative, stylists, designers and what not. So what are you waiting for, now is the chance to become a part of the fashion world by enrolling at Orana. If you have decided on the course you want to enroll, great but if you are confused at the wide range of options available, then all you have to do is consult the team at Orana, the experts on board will surely suggest you the course that goes well with your aspirations. You can visit them in person at the college, or you can call them.

Are you a domestic or an international student?

Orana is open to both domestic and international students. Students lie under the category of domestic if they have citizenship of Australia and New Zealand or if they have permanent residence in Australia. And you will fall under the category of international students if you have temporary residence in Australia and if you have citizenship or residence of any other country.

What to do if you are an international student?

The diploma courses at Orana are available for international students to enroll in. For further details, you can download their guide on courses available at their webpage. International students can enroll at any of the four times admissions are open, each year in the month of February and July, admissions are open for all courses. In the month of April and September, they only take admissions for diploma in business. As all colleges, Orana too has certain requirements for entry that students need to meet. First and foremost you must be at least eighteen years old and above to apply for a course at Orana. Secondly, students are required to be affluent in writing and communicating in English language, for that they are even supposed to submit their IELTS score. In addition to this, previous degree or certification proving your prior education qualification is needed.

How to apply?

The application process at Orana is quite simple; here is all you need to do. First of all, you have to select the course you want to enroll in, for instance diploma in media marketing. Then you go to their webpage and fill the application form available there. But one thing to keep in mind is that be honest in terms of all the information you provide, because false information can result in disqualification. Once you have submitted your form online, the admissions team will go through them and contact the students and meet through video or audio call. Students who are selected for the course will receive a confirmation through an email from Orana, along with other details such as fee vouchers etc. Students are expected to sign an agreement along with clearance of dues and then the course begins!

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