How Pre-purchase Inspection Can Help?

termites Geelong

Buying a new property is not easy.  Especially if you have moved to a new area or you’re just buying a property for investment.  For example, you are living in Melbourne and somebody has given a hint that the property is good to buy in pest and building inspections Armstrongs Creek or Geelong.  You may have visited Geelong or Armstrongs Creek in past and have seen some properties there but you are not aware of the market.  Also, you have visited the shortlisted property but as you are in rush and not a property agent you will be looking at the property in a way that a proper realtor will be looking for.  In such conditions, it is always better that you should hide a pre-purchase property inspection service. It is always recommended that before buying any property you should always go for a pre-purchase property inspection as it will end in your favour of yourself.  There are a few advantages that come with the property inspections like;


Knowing the condition: As the buyer, you have the right to know the condition of the property that you are thinking of buying.  In property inspections, they will be looking after all the problems that can be faced by you when you will move into the property. There may be termites Geelong infestation, plumbing leaks or electric wiring problems. These types of issues are highlighted during the inspection and the list will be shared with the buyer and also the seller.  This will give an advantage to the buyer as they can ask the seller to rectify all these issues and ensure a permanent solution before going into a negotiation of the property.  If the seller wants that they should have leverage in the price they will ensure that they will treat the termites’ issues fix the plumbing leak, and show that they can ask for their desired price.


Property value:  If you are not a real estate person or a realtor yourself it is very difficult to know the Check property value by just having a look at it. The outlook of the property may seem fancy and elegant as you don’t know what material they have used in it. But after inspection, you may have the complete report of the items that have been used in the house and that will help you to know the real property value not only by the look of it but by the material that has been used in the property.


Setting expectations:  The seller of the property will always have a higher expectation when they will be selling but when you will have complete information about the property as a buyer it will give you a better advantage to negotiate.  Can we now find the problems in the property and set the expectation of the negotiation according to the problem that has been found in the inspection? This will give you the advantage to negotiate a better price.

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