Know Your Wine Glasses

Most people are fully aware of crystal whiskey glasses and crystal decanter. But there is more to these containers. Today, let us walk you through the different types of wine and whiskey glasses. Visit this link if you plan to buy whiskey glasses online.


A Cabernet is a glass used specifically for red wine. Basically, it is one of the tallest wine glasses of . The main characteristic of a cabernet is that it makes the scent of the wine much d=stronger and intense. The drinker feels and experiences a sense of great joy because the effects are magnified like this. The aroma is the key. That is when a person knows what he is about to take in. After all, enjoyment is to core point of drinking. One should be careful not to overly fill a cabernet glass. The smaller the proportion, the better it is.


Yes, burgundy is a color. But who said it could not be a wine glass as well? Therefore, it is. But why call it burgundy? Is it also burgundy in color? The answer is no. We guess that mystery will always remain a mystery. Moving on, the bowl in the burgundy wine glasses is quite wider. The glass is shaped in such a way that the wine automatically touches the tip of the tongue first and then the rest of the mouth. The drinker gets a full blast of the aroma. The stem of the burgundy glasses is thin and long. That way, they can be easily held and swirled while drinking.


These are ideal if your chosen drink happens to be red wine. They are tall. But the bowl is quite small, unfortunately. In tall glasses, the drink pours straight into your mouth and doesn’t just stay at the tip of your tongue initially. That gives the drinker an incredible drinking experience.


The wine glass with the thicker rims is the one for Zinfandel. The bowl is an ideal size. It is not too big yet not too small, at the same time. It is simply perfect.

Pinot Noir:

Want to drink Pinot Noir? Then you are in for a treat not only for your tongue, but also for your eyes and hands. We say this because the glasses for Pinot Noir are gorgeous. They enhance both the taste and aroma for the drinker because the bowl of these glasses is widest. The rim is turned outwards.


This wine should not be influenced by your natural body heat. That is why you should opt for such a glass that has a longer stem. It will keep the wine in the bowl away from the heat of your hand. The wine will remain cool for a longer period of time.


All the U-shaped bowls are usually for white wines. The ideal glass for chardonnay looks like the same for Pinot Noir. Except that it is smaller in size. It lets you enjoy the sweetness of the white wine.


Champagne, also known as sparkling. A perfectly narrow and upright glass! That is how you enjoy its warm sensation and sweet taste.

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