Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

Gardening is a pleasure, especially when you get to witness the results of your hard work. So plan things thoroughly and create an impressive space from the first sight! Designing a garden is a task that a lot of detailing goes in to. So when you are deciding to DIY, researching beforehand on all the particulars that you should be focusing on is essential to create a creative and efficient space. Here are some mistakes you should be avoiding when doing so.

Select plants based on their leaves

What you get for most parts of the year with regards to plants is leaves. Of course there are seasons where the flowers are in bloom, however the chances that they would fade away is higher. Therefore, to make sure that you retain that amazing look your garden was once sporting when it was in bloom and designed by Brisbane landscapers residential experts, find plants with leaves that vary based on colour, texture, length and whatnot. You’d be surprised at the difference these could make in your garden even when it isn’t in bloom!

Stick to a palette

When growing flowers don’t overdo the whole gardening thing by mixing and matching a range of colours. Instead stick to a 3 colour palette of flowers and work on creating a simpler and elegant gardening space like Brisbane landscaping do. You could also use plants with varying leaves in terms of texture, size and such to add more value to the look.

Focus on comfort for outdoor material

There is no rule that outdoor furnishings and material should only be durable and not comfortable. In fact if you want to create a gardening space that is truly worthy of the investment you make on it, focus on comfort as well. Include throw pillows and cushions, find padded cushions and such and use these to create your outdoor garden. In case the weather gets in the way of creating such a space, then either install shading or simply move in the cushions to the indoors!

A view from the outdoors

When you look at your home from the outside and in a different point of view than usual what do you see? You’d be surprised at how much you would come to notice that the fixer uppers that you kept procrastinating and finally decided they weren’t noticeable at all, in fact are the ones that stand out. So every detail matters. Starting from the paint to that small scratch on the window and the usage of blending colours look at it all and make changes where necessary!

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