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pallet racking inspection Melbourne

With offices in every state and a wide support network of distributors, Brownbuilt Pty Limited has unrivalled nationwide supply capabilities. Customers also have the comfort of knowing that they are working with a business whose history over the past century has consistently demonstrated the value placed on quality, both in the products we produce and the services we provide to our clients.

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One of the most adaptable shelving options is Brownbuilt Shelving. For further flexibility, it can be customized for specific storage purposes, ranging from open structures to completely enclosed storage units, using a variety of accessories. The Brownbuilt Shelving upright design allows for the storage of a variety of different sized products in the same storage area by accommodating several shelf support systems inside the same system.

Its unique frame and shelf systems, which make assembly, adjusting, and relocation for shifting storage needs easy, are the cause of its storage flexibility. Its layout has been optimized for storage and can hold loads of all sizes and forms, from little parts to heavy-duty bulk storage.

Why use pallet racks?

Pallet racking enables businesses of all sizes to grow their current office or warehouse setups, frequently doubling or even tripling the amount of usable space that you have. If your circumstances are a little more complicated but you are aware that you need the extra storage space, B&R Storage Systems has a track record of working with businesses to remodel their area to make room for pallet racking solutions. Regardless of where you are or what type of business you are in, we will assist you with delivery, installation, and relocation.

Pallet Racking Inspections in Melbourne

One thing to keep in mind when installing pallet racking in your warehouse is that your system must be examined and approved by a competent  pallet racking inspection Melbourne racking inspector. To guarantee that your workspace complies with contemporary workplace health and safety standards, new Australian safety criteria state that your pallet racking inspection Melbourne racking system must be examined for damage and authorized every 12 months. There are many things that may go wrong when it comes to pallet racking safety, from damaged safety locks to loose floor tilings, therefore it’s crucial to utilize experienced racking inspection professionals that know just what to look for.

Our pallet racking inspection Melbourne team will produce a thorough safety report and can even repair any damage with our cutting-edge machinery, so you can be sure that your racking has been examined to the highest standards. Our staff has over many years of expertise working in this field.

For any of your storage needs, we can offer professional guidance, recommendations, and design consultancy. Additionally, we carry out safety audit certificates and racking inspections in accordance with Australian Standard.

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