Things You Are Doing That’s Ruining Your Face

Sometimes without our knowledge the care we show for our skins go beyond the limit. This ends up with us assuming that more means better. But the reality is much farther than that. On the other, day to day things that we do also seem to have a huge impact on our skins but we are less likely to realize this until things worsen. So here are some things you need to know to maintain your skin the right way.

Overdoing the caffeine

Most of us are literally unable to function without that cup of coffee in the morning. But when it comes to remaining within the healthy limit it is necessary that you control the number of cups you sip on coffee. More coffee in your body causes it to dry up as a result your skin is also affected. So to balance off things, make sure that you drink plenty of water instead. This way you wouldn’t even have to go through unwanted facials and whatnot. Click here for facials Gold Coast.

Not rinsing off the chlorine in the pool

Chlorine is something that is rather commonly used in swimming pools to maintain the water. However, its effect on your skin isn’t so great. In fact being exposed to too much chlorine could even cause cancer and irreversible sunburn. So before you ever go for a swim in the pool make sure that you slack enough of that sunscreen. Once you are done with your swim, wash yourself thoroughly to get rid of all that chlorine remnants. If you have been exposed to this for too long try visiting one of the many beauty salons Gold Coast to find out the best procedure for your skin condition.

Don’t use soap bars on your face

The skin on your face and the skin in the rest of the areas of your body vary a lot in terms of delicacy and how much product they can take. This is why there are specially designed products to be used on your face and body. Even if it is only a bar soap don’t use it on your face. Instead make an effort to get yourself some products specifically designed for your face and use them.

Change your pillowcase

A place where there is a lot of dirty and grime after your handbag is your pillowcase. Now imagine lying your face on this. If you are having frequent breakouts now you know one reason that’s causing it. Pillowcases ought to be changed at least once in two weeks. Take note of the above and protect your skin from frequent breakouts and other skin conditions!

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