Wood Flooring And Floorboards In Perth

If you hope to add a remarkable touch to your house, high quality wood flooring is the perfect choice. If it is a rebuild or a new home type, the VCS community will include high-quality furniture, laid wood and wood flooring at moderate expense. We have established a standing as trustworthy deck experts in adapting Perth, WA. Call us, therefore, to see if we can help you!

Perth’s top wood flooring provider:

Founded in 1989, VCS is the largest dealer of laminate wood flooring in perth, WA. VCS primarily operates in the middle of Osborne Park. VCS relies on Australian hardwoods and preferred imported woods appropriate for the severe local environment. All the support items from adhesives to sealants and floorboards maintenance items like decking oil are also available. For every step of the project, VCS carries more than 1000 wood floors items. We deliver a wide range of flooring options whether you’re building a new home or renovating your house. We will provide you with any floorboards options with access to leading hardwood and solid wood floors as well as built floors and more.

We support experts and DIY professionals and are able to configure our services. Bring your plans and concerns, and we’ll do floorboards everything in our power to help you. VCS draws together decades’ insights in order to draw on business expertise to help our recommendations. VCS is a parent business of the wood mill. We produce our wood from Australia’s certified mills. This helps us to provide fair prices and to ensure wood flooring that the supplied wood meets the requisite quality requirements. VCS is committed to the quality, environmentally friendly, tested, wood floor products supply.

Range of Australia:

  • Australian Reds

  • Chestnut of Australia

  • Oak of Australia

  • Black butt from NSW

  • WA Purple

  • Brush box

  • Oak of Gold

Our product portfolio is comprehensive in each species. Floorboards are on flooring, parquetry and decking.


Floorboards have a thickness of 19mm. In most floorboards, the diameter is between 80 mm and 130 mm. We may provide broader boards for certain animals.

Flooring overlay:

The floorboards overlay is meant for concrete or slope. Dimensions range from 12mm and 14mm. The range is between 85mm and 130mm.


The boxes have a diameter of 19 mm and are for external use. The distance is between 60mm and 130mm.


Both 14mm and 19mm thick are parquetry blocks. The default block is 260mm long and 65mm width. OSMO is worth seeing the collection of natural oils. VCS provides the full floorboards spectrum of oils for the Australian hardwoods in the area. Crafted from all natural oils and waxes, OSMO oils offer unmatched advantages in very fine mixing. For anywhere you use wood, there are suitable floorboards. In-house and external goods are available. These are actually the most highly regarded oils used in all parts of Australia. Check out here https://vcssolidtimberfloors.com

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