Why Stone Tiles Are The Best Choice For An Exquisite Home

Home decor is amongst the most important aspects of turning an ordinary building into a house of your dreams. Anybody with the money can purchase a house and design it according to their preferences, but without the perfect decor, it remains just another building identical to others on the street.

But what falls into the category of home decor? Well, that’s a question you need to ask yourself, what do you prioritise the most? And if you cannot answer the question, then we’re here to tell you the one thing that is of utmost importance in terms of home decor.

Any guesses? It’s the walls and floor finishing in your house. Without the right kind of flooring and walls, a house simply looks bland no matter how many utilities you put on top to cover it. We’re not talking about just painting the walls or keeping the floor clean, we’re talking about their construct, their materials and their final touches to add some leisure to your crib.

Stone tiles are one of the most popular and desired aspects of flooring and wall materiality. That bumpy finish, especially on walls gives your home a classy vibe that is felt by everyone who sets foot inside. It also becomes the highlight of your home’s personality which is why it is extremely important to choose the right kind of stone tiles.

An Australian based tile manufacturer that goes by the name of Initial Tiles is one of the leading companies in the tile manufacturing industry. They provide you with the best options when it comes to choosing the right kind of cheap tiles in Sydney for your home.

The company offers a large variety of stone tiles you can choose from, and we don’t mean just in terms of colour and finishing. Initial Tiles offers their customers tiles such as:

Granite stone: This is a rough yet smooth finished stone type usually incorporated into walls. The dark colour and original feel upon touch gives your home a surprisingly classy touch.

Lime stone: This is a sedimentary rock popularised in almost every corner of the world. It contains one of the most natural finishes you’ll find in the market and guarantees an elegant aura if installed into your home.

Stacked stone: Looking for something old school yet classy? Opt for stacked stones. The name is pretty self explanatory as this is a finish of different blocks of stone stacked on top of one another to provide your home with an antique vintage look.

Sand stone: This is for those with an exquisite taste and a love for their home decor even on the outside. A sandy look and a smooth finish guarantees the perfect finish to your outdoor fantasies within your own walls.

Travertine stone: Looking for something white, tan or even creamy coloured with a hint of classy? Then invest in travertine stone finishing.

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